Passionate about self-empowerment

Life will always be unpredictable to some extent. Sometimes our wants and needs change, people around us change or the circumstances change. This is why I think it's useful to learn how to ride the storm of life instead of being fixated on certainty and permanency.

Changing my habits, mindset and lifestyle as and when I need to or want to allows me to maintain my psychological wellbeing, feel in control of my life as much as reasonably possible and be authentic to who I am. This is what true freedom means to me.


I know of course that change is scary sometimes, and it's not always easy either. It requires stepping outside our comfort zone and that is usually quite challenging. However, it will give us the chance to grow, learn more about ourselves and be someone who thrives in life.

My passion is to understand why people behave in a way they do and help them change in whichever way they want to. 


Alongside my work, I get my energy from travelling the world. I love being exposed to different cultures, cuisines and people. I'm also very active and a huge sport enthusiast.

Dr Ildiko Tombor _ Psychological Wellbei


Habits | Mindset | Lifestyle change

private one-to-one sessions

This is for you if you want to change your old habits or ways of thinking that aren't serving you well and want to build new ones that will help you live happier and healthier. The aim is to help you better understand your current situation, feelings and thoughts and work with you to find the best ways for you to move forward.  


Example areas where most people want to make changes:

body image

eating habits



physical activity

eating disorders

quitting smoking

stress management

weight management

money management

self-esteem and self-confidence

resilience and mental toughness

Habits | Mindset | Lifestyle change

for corporate clients

This is for corporate clients who want to see change in their organisation. The aim is to provide a thorough understanding of drivers of a specific behaviour or group of behaviours and develop strategies to implement change on an individual-, group- or organisational-level.


Example areas where this can be useful for you:

Employee's health and well-being

Compliance with H&S policies

Sales and customer service

Behaviour change research

Employees' engagement

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