My approach to the work I do is about enhancing the future for personal growth and thriving. I focus on my clients' present circumstances and guide them to change things in the future, so we'll talk about your past (e.g. your childhood) as little as necessary and only to the extent that is helpful. My priority is to work with you to find strategies that will put you in the best possible position to change as soon as possible by making slightly better decisions each day and achieve the goals you set for yourself. Working with me may also involve homework assignments and skills training. 


Habits, mindset, lifestyle changes happen through a personal process. It's your journey. In cases, change can happen rapidly, and we may need to work on helping you maintain that change. In other cases, change requires a longer process, which may involve times when things may not go as planned, and you will need a bit more help to get through those phases. In any case it's important to remember that change won't happen to you. Change will only happen as a result of your active engagement and commitment to the process. 

Pragmatic and future-oriented


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