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The best ways to contact me are via email or text. Please bear in mind that I can rarely answer calls during the day unless we have arranged for a session.

I conduct my sessions online (Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp), but if you would like to meet with me in person, please get in touch for special arrangements.

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Behaviour science

Based on a rigorous scientific approach, I can help you identify opportunities for behaviour change in your or your client's organisation, advise on the design, implementation and evaluation of behaviour change interventions, and provide inputs for reporting and dissemination. 

Healthy workplace

If you want to establish a healthy workplace that not only puts employees' health and well-being on the agenda but makes it part of business as usual, I can advise on the design and implementation of programmes aiming at smaller scale changes to a full organisational-wide change.

Employees' engagement

Employees' engagement and compliance are key ingredients for successful change management. I can help you understand and address the psychological and environmental barriers and facilitators for change in order to optimise the impact of your company initiatives. 


In-house consultancy

With extensive expertise in behaviour change and health psychology, I can provide one-to-one consultations for your employees or management team to help them become healthier mentally and physically.