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Terms & conditions


  1. All sessions are by appointment only. 

  2. A brief consultation is required prior to the first appointment.

  3. To cancel and reschedule your appointment, please let me know via email or text message at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged. 

  4. Appointments not attended are fully chargeable unless prior notice is received 24 hours in advance.

  5. If I have to cancel our appointment within 24 hours, you will be given an extra session free of charge. 

  6. One-to-one appointments last 60 minutes, unless otherwise agreed.

  7. Sessions need to be paid in advance to secure booking.

  8. Punctuality is our mutual responsibility. If I'm late more than 10 minutes, the session is for free. If you are late, we have less time to talk during that session. 

  9. All appointments are conducted online (via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom), unless otherwise agreed.

  10. Please ensure you are in a private location where you are able to receive a video call.

  11. Corporate clients may request on-site consultations, subject to prior agreement.


  1. I'm obligated to maintain your privacy with regard to all matters in connection with my services.

  2. This confidentiality applies to my clients and, in the case of corporate clients, my clients' business connections. 

  3. The confidentiality agreement remains in effect unless a client releases me from it, or if I am bound to do so by law.

  4. The confidentiality agreement remains in effect  after our contract has been completed. The exception is cases in which there is a legal obligation to disclose information.


  1. For corporate clients, a signed contract is required prior to any work commencements.

  2. Employees benefitting from my services through my corporate clients are not asked to sign a contract with me individually, but a signed consent form may be required prior to the first appointment.


  1. I only work with adults (age 18 and over).

  2. If your problem area is not within my scope of expertise, I will try to suggest someone else who may be able to help.

  3. Please make sure that all outstanding sessions are paid for prior to your subsequent appointment, otherwise we will need to reschedule.

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